Thank you, postpartum

Now that it has been a few months since I have had my twin babies I feel like I can fully appreciate my postpartum body.

Before I had my babies I would often times wish for my body to be different. One day I wanted to have curves, and the next day I wanted to be a smaller size. I was never happy with my body, until I saw all of the incredible things it has to offer.

Because of my postpartum body I have learned a new way of loving my body for all it can do rather than being disappointed for everything it doesn’t have.

Over the past year I have watched myself physically change, in so many different ways. In ways I never imagined. I watched my belly grow bigger than a watermelon. I gained weight. I stretched in places I never thought possible. I woke up to milk stained shirts. I got bags under my eyes, and the list goes on.

Now when I look at myself in the mirror I do not see the girl I once saw. I see a woman who has endured more than I ever thought possible.

I have so much to thank my postpartum body for. I am thankful for my stretch marks. Without my stretch marks my belly would not have stretched to its fullest capacity. Just when I thought my belly could not stretch anymore, it proved me wrong. At 33 Weeks I got my first set of stripes, and now I get to carry them with me wherever I go.

I am thankful for my loose tummy skin. It was the very first thing I noticed about my postpartum body, when my swelling went down. It reminds me to really embrace all that my body experienced, rather than obsessing over what it looks like.

I am thankful for my new, oddly shaped belly button. My innie quickly became an outie, and it now resembles something in between. When I look at it I remember back to just how big my belly grew, and all of the weight it had to support.

I am thankful for my milk stained shirts, because without my leaky boobs I would not be able to feed my babies the way I always desired.

My body is what kept my babies healthy. It kept them warm during the cold months, and perfectly cool during the hot months. It was their shelter, and security. The very first place they had ever been.

Without my postpartum body I never would have discovered an underlying strength within myself. I never would have been able to fully understand just how strong mothers are!

So thank you postpartum body for being strong, brave and one heck of a fighter. Thank you for showing me all that my body is capable of. Thank you for providing nutrients for my children. Thank you for proving to me that there are more important things than body image. Thank you for changing the way that I look at myself. Most importantly, thank you for blessing me with the ability to carry children!

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