Bellefit Corset

I have been using my Bellefit corset for three weeks now. I have seen great results, in such a short amount of time, so I just had to tell everyone!

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I did not start wearing the Bellefit corset immediately after I gave birth. I had actually purchased the Girdle Pull up because I was certain that I would have a vaginal delivery, as it is not designed for those who have had a C-section. The Girdle Pull up is the cheapest option; however, from my experience it really is NOT comfortable on your incision!

Around three months postpartum is when I began wearing the Corset, there are four types of Girdles, and I will share about each one. It is recommended to begin wearing your Girdle 3-5 days after delivery, but you will see results if it is worn within the first year postpartum.

Within the first week of wearing the corset I noticed these three major changes:

1. My posture had improved tremendously! I had never stood up so straight in my life. It really helped me to be more aware, especially when I was breastfeeding to keep my back straight and try my best not to hunch.

2. Even at three months postpartum I was still experiencing tenderness on my incision. The pressure from the medical-grade compression helped eliminate a lot of that sensitivity. It also allowed me to wear jeans, because the button was no longer rubbing against my incision.

3. I was more confident! The Bellefit Corset helped my body to feel just like it did pre pregnancy. I felt comfortable wearing tight fit clothing, and my stomach was already returning back to its normal size.

There are four types of Girdles. Each one is made differently to best suit your individual needs.

Dual-Closure Girdle:

The Bellefit Dual-Closure Girdle can be worn after a C-section or Natural birth. The Dual-closure girdle has 2 rows of hook- and-eye closures in the front and a lateral zipper. This girdle is preferred by women seeking the highest level of flexibility and adjustability throughout the postpartum recovery process.


The Bellefit Corset gives you Medical-Grade Compression during Post Pregnancy recovery after natural or C-section childbirth. The Bellefit Corset has 2 rows of hook-and-eye closures in the front that can be adjusted so you can tighten your girdle when additional compression is needed.

Girdle with Zipper:

The Girdle with Zipper has a lateral zipper and is adjustable so you can tighten your girdle when additional compression is needed. This design is good for Moms that are planning a natural birth but a c-section is still possible. The C-Section Incision must’ve healed for this Girdle to be worn comfortably.

Girdle Pull up:

The Girdle Pull-up is a basic design with no closures, except for the groin area flap. This style is ideal for Moms that have had a vaginal childbirth and have a less curvaceous figure. The Pull-Up is not recommended for c-section recovery.

Here are a few FAQ about the Bellefit Girdle:

What is a postpartum girdle?

A postpartum girdle is a compression garment that a woman wears around her torso following the birth of a baby.

Wearing a Girdle:

• Reduces pain associated with postpartum recovery.

• Allows you to care for your baby.

• Allows you to heal and care for your own body.

How will Bellefit Help you?

Bellefit postpartum girdles and corsets are medical quality garments that:

• Help your uterus go back to its place in less time.

• Help you reach your postpartum recovery goals & feel better faster.

When should you start wearing Bellefit?

We recommend that you begin wearing your girdle the day you are discharged from the hospital.

• Typically 3-5 days after delivering your baby.

• Consult with your Doctor since every recovery is unique.

Wearing a Bellefit Girdle After a C-Section:

Wearing a Compression Girdle after a C-Section can seem scary for some women, however, the compression it provides around the incision area feels comforting.

To give you a familiar comparison, when a person has a cut, the first thing that a doctor advices to do is to apply pressure to the cut. It’s very similar with a C-Section. Applying pressure to the incision area can provide great relief.

Does Bellefit Help heal Diastasis Recti? (abdominal muscle separation)

Yes and no. Wearing a Bellefit Girdle will assist you with support, improve your posture and prevent your abdomen from any further muscle separation while wearing the Girdle.

How does Bellefit Work?

Wearing a Bellefit Postpartum Girdle provides compression and support when you attempt to engage the abdominal muscles; which is necessary during daily activities. Having this ability to engage the abdomen helps it strengthen gradually without feeling unsupported.

Is this a Weight Loss Girdle?

Simply put, no. Bellefit Girdles are a recovery tool that should be used in conjunction with other important factors. Having a healthy diet and an active lifestyle is a must for any woman to reach her postpartum recovery goals naturally.

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