My Must Have Newborn Baby Products

There are so many amazing baby products on the market, so I rounded up my top 10 must haves. These are the 10 products that were my absolute, favorite products we used with our babies for at least the first 6 months, some of which we are still using! BeFunky-collage-5.jpg

1.Snuggle Me Organic | Patented Sensory Lounger for Baby | organic cotton, virgin polyester fill“>SnuggleMe : This was a random discovery I found when I was scrolling Instagram. Unfortunately, we did not find them until the babies were already 2 months old, so we debated making the purchase, because I did not think they would get much use out of them, but I am so glad we did!!! They used their SnuggleMe’s until they were 8 months old. The main reason we purchased them was because the “mattress” of their bassinet was so hard, and flat. They slept so well in the Boppy newborn loungers, but those didn’t fit inside of the bassinet, so we ended up sleeping on our couch for 2 months. The SnuggleMes fit right into the bassinet, so they saved our backs, and our sleep!! They also made the transition from the bassinet to the crib so easy!!!!!

2. Love To Dream Swaddle UP Original 1.0 TOG, Gray, Small, 7-13 lbs.“>2.Love To Dream Swaddles  : I claim these are why our babies started sleeping through the night. These were also a later discovery that I WISH we would have had from the very beginning!!! The natural sleeping position for a newborn is with their arms up which the swaddle allows. Another thing I LOVE about these swaddles is that the company made the swaddles in stages to follow with the baby’s age. That has made their out of swaddle transition really smooth, and simple. They are in the stage 3 swaddles right now, and can not go to sleep without them.

3. Boppy Newborn Lounger, Elephant Love Gray“>Boppy Newborn Lounger : Our babies hung out, and slept on these for their first two months of life, until we found the snuggle me. They took their naps in them during the day, and laid in them when my arms needed a break, because they were too small for a swing at first. Then at night they slept in these, for the first 8 weeks, because they were soft, and elevated. Once they started taking bottles we also fed them in the pillows.

4.Fisher-Price  Auto Rock  n Play  Sleeper“>Rock n Play : We spent most of our days, early on, in our basement, because that’s where we set up shop. I put the rock n plays on our main floor, by our big windows, during the day for one nap that way they were getting  a lot of light exposure to switch their days and nights around.

5.Hatch Baby Rest Night Light, Sound Machine and Time-to-Rise“>Hatch Baby Rest : We started using this noise machine from the very beginning. We kept it on the ocean setting for naps, and bed time. At bedtime we put it on the orangish  glow because it was really subtle. We only used the light at nighttime to differentiate between nap, and bedtime.

6. Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale“>6. Hatch Baby Grow : This saved us a lot of gas money driving 45 minutes several times a week, to our pediatricians office. Since I knew I wanted to breastfeed, and that our babies would probably be early I splurged on this item. The Hatch Baby Grow serves as a scale, and  a changing pad. We weighed the babies every night, and it quickly became a part of our nightly routine, and it still is. Another really cool perk is that it records the ounces your baby drinks per feeding, and that eased my mind a lot while I was nursing. To me the price was worth it to reduce my anxieties about nursing, and weight gain especially because they had so much trouble latching at first.

7.4moms mamaRoo 4 Bluetooth-Enabled high-tech Baby Swing – Classic Nylon Fabric with 5 Unique motions“>Mamaroo : We had purchased a Graco swing, and this Mamaroo beforehand to test out which one they would like better, but I hated the swing because it didn’t support their necks very well. When they eventually got to a size, where I did not mind seeing their head slouch, we got a ton of use out of these. Before we moved them into their cribs they took a lot of naps in their Mamaroos!

8.The Play Gym by Lovevery; 5 Developmental Zones for Brain, Fine, Gross Motor & Sensory Development; Organic Teether, Wood Batting Ring, Mirrors; Grounded in Science – Educational Playtime w/a Purpose“>Play Gym : I loved the different stations this mat has to meet all of your babys sensory needs. For tummy time when they are teeny tiny it comes with little black and white cards for your baby to look at. This helped a lot to distract them from what they were actually doing. Myles HATED tummy time. Then as they grow, the book it comes with has different activities, and how you use each station, to help them meet milestones. We still play on this mat, and now that they lost interest in all of the little dangly toys you can turn it into a cute little fort they can use their imagination in, as a toddler.

9.Blooming Bath Lotus – Baby Bath (Gray/Dark Gray)“>Bath Lotus: These both fit perfectly in our farmhouse sink. I liked that our babies were already in an upright position to wash. I feel like they were able to see what was going on easier, which helped them enjoy it. We warmed the water and let the lotus petal absorb the hot water before we put the babies in the sink. This helped ease them into bath time, and they loved it from the very start.

10. Skip Hop Playspot Foam Play Mat For Baby, Grey/Cream, 70″ X 56″“>Skip Hop Play Mat : We have all hard floors on our main level so when we played upstairs, mostly to get sunlight, it was essential to have a soft surface to lay them on. They still like to sit on this mat, and it makes for a fun toy because they pull the side pieces off, and use them as a teether.


  1. THE TWIN Z PILLOW – BLUE – 6 uses in 1 Twin Pillow ! Breastfeeding, Bottlefeeding, Tummy Time, Reflux, Support and Pregnancy Pillow! CUDDLE BLUE DOTS“>Twin z Feeding Pillow: This is a must for tandem feeding! Not only did we use it for nursing for the first 6 months, but they also used it to learn how to sit up .
  2. The Weego Twin Carrier : I loved the product when they were teeny tiny, and I wanted to get other things done. This allowed me to cook, and clean without having to put them down! It was perfect for a quick walk outside too, rather than having to buckle them into their carseats.
  3. Baby Brezza Safe & Smart, Electric Baby Bottle Warmer and Baby Food Warmer – Universal Fit – Glass, Plastic, Small, Large, Newborn Feeding Bottles – Wireless Bluetooth Control – Digital Display“>Baby Breeza Bottle Warmer : This is obviously for singleton parents as well, but if you have multiples you will want two!
  4. None Inflatable Rainbow Twin Baby Pool Float Double Seats“>Inflatable Raft : This raft is amazing if your babies will be really little in the summer time. We brought this to a lake, and I got so many questions where we purchased it. They can lay in the middle if they are not sitting up yet. Then when they are older they put their legs through the seat part, and you can put toys in the middle for them to play with.
  5. UPPAbaby Full-Size Vista Infant Baby Stroller & RumbleSeat Bundle, Jordan (Jordan)“>UPPAbaby Stroller : If you plan on taking a lot of walks this stroller is so durable. We know we want more kids, and the Vista makes is compatible with a growing family. We paired it with the Nuna Pipa Lite carseats. (They are only 5 pounds and make carrying two seats so much easier)
  6. HALO Bassinest Twin Sleeper Double Bassinet – Premiere Series, Sand Circle“>Halo Bassinet : This bassinet went on the market one month before I gave birth, so our original plan was two bassinets. We were so excited when Halo came out with a bassinet specifically for twins. This helped me a lot after my c- section, because I could spin the bassinet around to the other baby rather than having to get up out of bed.
  7. Motorola MBP50-G2 Digital Video Baby Monitor with 5-inch Color LCD Screen and 2 Cameras with Remote Pan, Tilt and Zoom“>Monitor : This is not the exact monitor we have, but we have the Motorola brand, and I have heard great things about this one as well.

This post was created for singleton, or multiple mamas who are overwhelmed by the amount of different products that you have to choose from, and just don’t know where to start. Also, for someone just looking for the perfect baby shower gift. 🙂


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