1st Birthday Gift Ideas (Boys & Girls)


  1. Vtech GearZooz – Harlow and Myles have loved playing with this activity table. It makes noise, practices fine motor skills, and teachers them about colors, animals and numbers. They have used it as a walker, pushing it around the room. This toy will grow with the babies, and the backside can be used specifically as a gear table for when they are a little bit older.
  2. Tree Top Adventure Activity Center– I thought this toy looked like so much fun! The colors, and the adorable wood design is what sold me. There are never ending activities for the babies to play with.
  3. Ball Pit – We purchased this for the babies first birthday, and have not opened it yet. We like to introduce a few new toys at a time, and slowly add them in when they start to get bored with the ones they are currently playing with. I have seen this ball pit all over my Instagram, so I am convinced it will be a good time!
  4. Little Tikes Slide – I was skeptical about them being interested in a slide at their age, but they have really enjoyed it! It is an easy way for them to burn off some energy while we are stuck indoors for the winter. Plus, it gives me a good workout putting them on the slide over and over again. LOL! I like that it is giving them good practice for when they can use our bigger swing-set slide this summer.
  5. Mini Band – Harlow and Myles love making music, and banging on their toys like a drum, so we thought an actual instrument would be suffice. They have loved all of the different sounds this mini band can make.
  6. Stacking Cups – We have used these since the babies were around 6 months old, and they are still their favorite toy to play with. ( It’s always the cheap toys they like the most, right?) I bought two more sets for their birthday because they were fighting over the stack, and now we keep one in the bathtub as well.
  7. Wooden Latches Board – This is another toy that we have not introduced yet, but I know it will be great for their fine motor skills.
  8. Wood Puzzles  – They absolutely love playing with puzzles, after an hour or so of playing if they start to get board I will bring out a few wood puzzles, and they get so excited! We have been playing with the ocean animals, and the farm animals. I have really enjoyed introducing them to all of the different animals, and watching them us their pincher grasp to pull the pieces off of the board.
  9. TeePee – I think these are so adorable, and makes for an easy decoration in a bedroom or a toy room!
  10. Brave Little Camper The Wonkey Donkey The Cow Said Neigh Noisy Animals, Night Night, Train This is a list of our favorite books right now! They are all so colorful, and so much fun to read. The Brave Little Camper makes different sounds, as well as, Noisy Animals. We read Night Night, Train every night before bed, and that is the only book they will sit still for at bedtime.


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