18 Month Update

My rainbow babies are officially 18 months old today, and it is so bittersweet! 🥰 This age is SO much fun, and my favorite stage yet, but where did my tiny newborns go? I am not quite sure where the last 1.5 went, but we have made tons of memories, and taken plenty of pictures to remember the little things ❤️ I find myself constantly looking back at old photos of them, longing for those moments back, because time truly does fly by! Why couldn’t middle school go by this fast!? 🤪


Having twins is basically the best thing ever!! I have had the privilege to watch two babies grow and develop at completely different rates, see two polar opposite personalities shine through, and watch them become their own, independent little people with so many different likes and dislikes.

Even though they are very different, one thing will always remain the same- SCHEDULE! Can I get an AMEN from all of my fellow twin mamas?!

At 16 months we switched to one nap, and our schedule hasn’t been so strict. I like the longer amounts of time, because it allows us to accomplish errands, or have a playdate! Plus, it gives me a longer stretch of time to have some “me time” in the middle of the day!


6:30 – 7 : Wakeup

(Milk right away, they ask right when we bring them downstairs)

Sippy cup : We use this brand of cup except ours has the straw top. I know this is a great transitioning sippy cup for the babies who are coming off of a bottle 🙂

7:30 : Breakfast

8-10:45 : Playtime. We usually stay indoors until 9:30, and then play outside until lunch time. If I have errands to run I will do them before 9:30 because there have been a few instances where they have fallen asleep if we leave too close to lunch!

10:50 – 11:15: Lunch (This varies depending on how sleepy they are that day then I might move it up)

11:30 – 2:00 : NAP

We do the same exact routine with them that we have done since we sleep trained them, around 5 months old. (You can read that blog post here) We change their diapers, put them in their Sleep Bags , and read a few stories! Once we lay them in their cribs we turn their sound machines on. Myles has an attachment to a pair of pajamas that he has carried around everywhere with him since he was 6 months old. Harlow did not have one until recently. There are little hearts on the bottom of their sleep bags (it is the company logo) and she says “heart” and will grab it and soothes herself that way. I bought an extra set so she could have two more in the crib with her! They both have a Slumberkins creature in their cribs as well.

2 – 4: Playtime

4:30 – 5:45 We go for a walk

6 – 6:30 – Dinner

Then a bath, every night. Long or short depending on their moods, but they haven’t had any issues with bath time so far.

7 – 7:15 Bedtime Routine (same as nap-time)

Lights out by 7:20


A few of their favorite toys 


Baby Dolls

Farm & Tractor Play set

Mini Band

Rainbow Caterpillar


Pond Pal

Construction Vehicles


Harlow : I think I have said this countless times, but if I knew I was going to have more babies like Harlow I would literally have 10 more. From the moment she entered into the world she was SO easy, and my labor with her was the perfect sign of that. She is so laid back, but will tell you what she wants. She is shy at first, a bit of an introvert, but once she gets to know you, or is in a comfortable environment (like her mamas personality) she will show you her fun, goofy self. I am not kidding you she makes me laugh all day long. She makes the most expressive faces I have ever seen someone her age make, and I hope her silly side never changes. She is definitely our entertainer, and knows when she has an audience. She is crazy smart, and everyday this last week she has said a new word! I only have to show her something a few times, and she will remember it with ease. She loves to try new foods , read books, and play outside. She loves animals, especially dogs!

Myles: I always thought girls were the affectionate ones, until I had the sweetest little boy. I think he would sit in your lap, with a good book, and snuggle all day long if the day allowed it. He has a strong attachment to a lot of different things, and he always leaves me guessing what he will do next. He keeps me on my toes, and makes my life far from boring. Myles is adventurous, and isn’t afraid to leave my side to look around the corner, or go into someone else’s arms. Besides spending the day snuggling I think another dream day of his would be to play outside all day long. He is NEVER ready to go inside no matter how many hours we had spent outside that day. Even though he shows no “stranger danger” to humans, he is a bit more cautious around large dogs. He is all boy and is immediately drawn to tools, anything that makes noise, big machines , and especially dirt. He is my picky eater, so we have rotated the same list of meals since he started solid foods. He was so eager to take off walking, and doesn’t let any challenge stop him, he will try, try again, and that’s the mentality I hope he holds onto forever.

After 18 whole months of loving these two I can finally say I feel caught up! They were always one step ahead of me, with two of them constantly changing and learning something new what seemed like everyday for the last year and a half. They are finally on the same page physically and that makes my life a whole lot easier, especially getting out of the house! I have loved every single minute with them, but this stage we are in now has been SO much fun, and if I had to choose a favorite age this would definitely be it!

P.S. – If anyone has some magic potion to freeze time, right where we are that would be great! Unfortunately, I know that doesn’t exist, yet,  so I just try really hard to remind myself everyday to be present, and savor every moment I have with them no matter their age! ❤️

Thank you so much for taking the time to read Harlow and Myles’ 18 month update! If you have kids, tell me their ages in the comments! 💛🤗


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