My Top 5 Favorite Running Shoes!

I have been looking for a great quality, affordable running shoe since I recently started running again, last month. I was an experienced sprinter in high school, and was planning to run in college until I tore my ACL, not once, but twice in a freak cheerleading accident. I am trying to train my body to enjoy longer distance runs, because I do not want to give it up! When I started back up again last month I began experiencing severe cramping in my calves during, and after my runs. I wasn’t sure if the pain was related to my previous leg injuries, or possibly my running shoes.IMG_4299

Before I scheduled an appointment with my physical therapist I wanted to eliminate the idea that my current running shoes just weren’t giving me the support that I needed. Like always, anytime I have a question, I reach out to my Instagram community, and they did not disappoint! I was sent several different options of running shoes, and why they were a favorite! I took the top 5 suggestions, and purchased all of them to decide for myself (since everyones feet are different) which ones I liked the best! So everyday for 5 days I ran one mile, on a treadmill in a different pair of running shoes!


Fav Running Shorts: 

Fav Sports Bras: 

Water Bottle: 

Here are my results: (Click on the Product Image for a direct link) 

My #1 Pick :   
ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 21 (Best Support) 

These are the most comfortable AND supportive running shoes I have ever tried on! You guys were raving about these shoes, so I was really excited to try them out for myself. As a previous sprinter, and with absolutely zero experience in running long distance I was a toe runner. Until recently I have been really concentrating on my strides and keeping my feet on the ground! As I am adjusting to that I am in need of a shoe that hinders me from getting up on my toes like these do! They having amazing arch support, and heel support! They are the most expensive shoe out of all of the choices, but are still really affordable!

Price Range: $120-$150

My 2nd “RUNNER UP” (Notice my Pun  😉)
  Brooks Women’s Launch 6 (Really Comfortable) 

Since I started running longer distances, after high school , I have always been a Brooks girl, and loved them! So to be honest it was hard to look at other brands. 🙈 It was a really tough choice for me to choose between these and my number 1 pick! They both offer really great support, and are comfortable; however, just not enough for my arches. I would recommend this shoe to a normal, to high arch runner! They are a really great fit, and definitely fit true to size.


My #3 Pick  

 Brooks Women’s Ghost 11 (Very Similar to Launch) 

I tried really hard to find any noticeable differences between the two pairs of Brooks that I ran in. Really the only noticeable thing I could find was you will want to size up 1/2 a size. I am usually a size 7, and I could not get my toes comfortable in these! Other than that, to me, they are very similar to the Brooks Launch Shoes.

Price Range: $99-$129

My #4 Pick 

 Altra Women’s Escalante (Unique Design) 

These are extremely comfortable, and really flexible. I loved the design because it encourages a natural, low-impact running form. They are made with a FootShape toe box that allows your toes to spread out, when you’re running, which is really comfortable. However, I do more indoor treadmill running, and I believe these are better for outdoors, and trail running/walking!

Price Range: $79-$96

My #5 Pick 

 Saucony Women’s Cohesion 11 (Lowest Price) 

I was pleasantly surprised at how well I ran in these shoes. They truly caught me off guard because of how affordable they are, for the great support they offer! I decided to keep these as a back up pair because they are so cheap (I just can’t get over it!) 🙃

Price Range: $34-49



Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post! Your support means so much to me, and I am so thankful I get the opportunity to share something I love, with all of you! Please, leave a comment and let me know if you have tried any of these shoes! 🤗❤️

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