Farmhouse (Kitchen & Dining) Renovations

Welcome!!! I will try and explain the steps we took to achieve these budget friendly designs to the best of my ability. If I do happen to forget something that catches your eye please reach out or leave a comment below!

Kitchen Before: 

Butcher block countertops: When I first posted this photo on my Instagram feed the number one question I received was how we did our countertops. IT IS SO EASY- just 3 simple steps!!!

Step 1: Measure & Find Wood

If you are pulling the wood from an old barn, like we did, you will need to plane the wood as well to smooth the surface. (This step took the most time)

Step 2: We used a brad nailer to secure the cut wood to the preexisting countertop.

Step 3: For the final step we sealed the countertop with Minwax

(WARNING: This is an extremely strong smell. I would leave the house with babies, or if you’re pregnant.)

Kitchen After: 

Cabinets: We sanded,  and painted our existing cabinets using white (BEHR Paint & Primer), and made new doors out of 1×4 common board. We were not intentional about creating the lines on the front of the cabinets. That is the design it created after the wood absorbed the paint.


Flooring: Allure Flooring (Home Depot)

Kitchen Sink & Faucet : Home Depot

Lighting: Wayfair w/ Edison light bulbs

Signs: Etsy & World Market

Baskets: Hobby Lobby


Wood wall & ceiling: We used walnut wood, cut and planed it down to give it the look we wanted, and used a brad nailer for the wall and ceiling!! (We did not apply stain or any finishing coats)

Dining Room : Before (Can you tell a bachelor lived here🙈)

Dining Room: During 

In this room we painted over the wood paneling, ripped up the carpet to unveil the already existing hardwoods, and added the same wood to the ceiling that we did in the kitchen. It is amazing what a few simple changes can do to a space!

Dining room: After

Light Fixture

Table: Ashley Home Furniture

Dining Chairs


Curtain Rod

Buffet Table : Ashley Home Furniture

Pipe Shelving: (Homemade)

Dresser: Hobby Lobby 

A majority of the changes we made were minor, but changed the entire look, and feel of the space. I hope this post will bring you inspiration for your future renovations!

Please reach out with any questions, and thank you for reading! 🙂

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