Men In Your Life Gift Guide


  1. Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs Pack of 3, elastic waistband boxer briefs. Extremely comfortable waistband and leg opening
  2. Toiletry Organizer  : Alex still doesn’t own a toiletry bag, and thinks its necessary to pack his things in a grocery sack. That will no longer be happening.
  3. Memory Foam Slipper: We are always on the hunt for a good slipper, and the memory foam tops it off!
  4. YETI Camp Cup: Perfect for men who want to take their drinks to work with them , but work outdoors. This mug will keep your drinks cool, or warm, and is made of steel to protect it from any dings, and scratches!
  5. Hey Dude Loafers: These feel like you’re only wearing a sock. Enough said.
  6. Joggers : One of the most affordable pairs I could find, and great quality! Alex was so impressed!!
  7. Thermal Socks : Alex loves these socks on super cold mornings or just hanging around the house in the winter time!
  8. Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow : I guess I will share this on every giftguide so it does not get forgotten. MUST HAVE!  The memory foam is adjustable, so its perfect for anyone!
  9. Carhartt Hat : Mens essential for the winter time! These hold up so well through all of the elements, but are so affordable to buy a new one each year.


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