Home Before & After

Dining Room Before Dining Room After : The only thing we changed in this room was the light fixture 😉


Kitchen Before Kitchen After: We changed the lighting in the kitchen. As well as, a simple wallpaper backsplash, but I think it made such a big difference!


Living room Before

Living Room After:As you can see these pictures were taken during different holidays 🙈 In the living room we didn’t change a single thing. The main floor walls were mostly all white already, so we were so thankful for that. (Especially Alex 🤪)

Another shot of the living room sitting area.


Playroom Before 

Playroom After : Just changed the curtains out! I will do a separate post on specifics of this playroom!


Office Before

Office After:This room was the only one on the main floor that needed to be changed, and it took the most coats of paint. 😅


Laundry Room Before Laundry Room After: We did the most work in this room. We were not a fan of the cabinets, and how they were off centered, so we took those down and brought our floating shelves with us from the farmhouse. We painted the lower sink cabinets to match the shelving.

Alex made a sliding barn door out of the existing door, because we needed to make the space to accommodate our washer and dryer.


Entryway Before Entryway After: Just changed the light fixture!


Bedroom 1 Before

Bedroom 1 After: We changed the wall color, and added shelving.


Bedroom 2 Before

Bedroom 2 After: We just changed the wall color in this room as well.


Master Bedroom Before

Master Bedroom After: We changed the wall color in this room, and the light fixture.


Entire house painted white ✅

We have loved making this home into our style. Even minor changes like paint color, and light fixtures can make such a big difference!!

I will have a separate post coming soon for specific item links in each room! ❤️

Thanks so much for reading!!

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