Must Have Twin Products



It is no surprise that the expression “Buy One Get One Free” is actually a joke 😆  When I became a twin mama I quickly found out just how expensive twins are. (worth it) I am so thankful for the companies who invented products to cater to twin parents, and make our lives a tiny bit easier!

These 9 products + a few others that I will mention, are our tride and true twin must haves that I absolutely could not have lived without!!!

  1. UPPAbaby Vista Stroller & toddler seat : I didn’t categorize the items above by favorites, but I just so happened to put our most used product as number 1! I always get questions about our double stroller situation, and this is the only one I can recommend to you guys! It is an investment, but such an incredible design. (You definitely get what you pay for!! ) We have put countless miles on our stroller and it is just as durable as the day we got it. It is light weight, extremely easy to fold, and reopen (you can fold it with the toddler seats still attached) We had the nuna pipa lite carseats and used the uppababy attachments, and every single penny spent was so worth it!!!
  2. Twin Z Pillow : When I received this pillow I knew its main purpose was for tandem breastfeeding. Little did I know that it would serve so many other purposes. 🤯 We have used this pillow to lay the babies in, when they weren’t mobile. We used it as a place for them to lay while we gave them a bottle, because the pillow keeps their head slightly higher. We used it to prop them up after eating, and support them while they were learning how to sit up on their own!
  3. JOOVY Room2 Twin Nursery Center: While I was finding the link to our pack n play for you guys I came across this nursery center! It must be a newer release, because I never saw it on the market when we purchased our JOOVY Room 2, so lucky for all you new/expecting twin mamas because this is genius!!! We love the pack n play because it is so much larger than the standard pack n play size!! (perfect for 2 babies 😉
  4. HALO Bassinet : Alex and I had the longest debate about getting two, single bassinets, a pack n play, or their cribs to set up in our room for the first six months. I kid you not, the month before our babies were born HALO released their TWIN bassinet product = problem solved!!! This was so helpful to us before the babies moved into their nursery. Since I had a c-section I was so limited in my movement getting up and down to nurse. With this bassinet they were up high, the sides lower with just the pressure of your forearms, so I didn’t have to move very much!! I loved having both babies in one place, rather than one on Alex’s side. This bassinet does a full 360 degree swivel, so I wasn’t having to get up, and I was able to get both babies by myself! As the babies got older it really helped Alex get better sleep to have the bassinet on my side when they woke up to nurse!
  5. Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer : I was convinced we wouldn’t need a bottle warmer because I would be nursing, but if you ever want to give those boobies a rest 😉 sometimes bottle feeding is a must! I learned very fast that if I ever wanted to leave them with Alex, to run errands or something, they needed to use a bottle! Our babies were so tiny, as newborns, that our doctor suggested nursing them, and then giving them a pumped bottle of breastmilk shortly after. When you have two crying babies, and you’re tying to warm up breastmilk with warm water, its bound to end in frustration. We purchased two of these warmers, and they worked great. You can also use them to unthaw breastmilk that was still in the storage bag, and homemade baby food!
  6. SnuggleMe Lounger : Talk about a godsend baby product. Our bassinet mattress wasn’t very plush, so we put a snuggle me on each side of the bassinet. MAGIC!! These were such a must have in those early months. Plus, it made our bassinet to crib transition a piece of cake!!!!!
  7. TwinGo Carrier : I do not have this exact carrier, but it is always raved about by other twin parents! Alex and I used two separate carriers, that way we could each carry a baby, but now looking at the description this can be used as two separate carriers as well!!! GENIUS
  8. Kodak Baby Monitor : In the babies first year of life we went through 3 different baby monitors, one we dropped in water. I can finally say we are satisfied with the quality of our baby monitor on our fourth, and hopefully final attempt! This baby monitor has been amazing, and what I love most about it is that it is the first baby monitor on the market to have an at home parent unit, but also wifi compatible!!!! That way we can check in from our phones if we go out, but when were home it is not draining our phone battery! It comes with one camera, but each camera after that you have to purchase individually, and then it splits the screen, or rotates through the available cameras.
  9. Twin Inflatable Raft  : This was just a fun purchase that I happened to stumble upon before our first camping trip! The babies were only 6 months old, and this worked out so well for us. Such a great last minute find that I hope we continue to use over the years!

There are so many great twin products that are on the market, and I am constantly finding some new, genius twin inventions. I created this list to help make the whole process a little less overwhelming, for new/expecitng twin parents, because I remember what it felt like when I started looking for baby items!!!

Please comment if I missed anything that should have made the list! ❤️

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