TWIN Weego Carrier (newborn must have)

I have shared so many of my tride and true twin newborn baby products several times over the past two years. However, WeeGo Twin Carrier deserves an entire writing of its own.


There are so many benefits to purchasing the Weego Carrier, but my favorite part is the convenience of the TWIN carrier -emphasis on LIFESAVER. I was finally able to calm two fussy newborns at the same time, which was always a constant struggle before the Weego,  and even have them sleeping on my chest (the perfect way to start getting your babies on the same nap schedule)  while I was getting things accomplished around the house, like the dishes and making meals!

Also, it allowed me to bring the babies outside for fresh air in half the time it normally would take us to layer up clothing, because they were so warm and snug in their pouches and felt my body heat!

If your twins were like mine they were born prematurely, and most carriers don’t offer a front facing option for two babies, let alone babies who were TINY! As I mentioned earlier the Weego isn’t like your traditional carrier. It is snug and safe for babies immediately from birth even premies! The twin carrier is meant for babies from 4 lb up to 6 months of age, which is when they often become too heavy for one person to carry together.

So you might be thinking, “Is it comfortable carrying two babies around all day?” Let me tell you I had this on me almost all day long for the first 3 months, and my back always felt so supported! Not only did I have great back support, but so did the babies! With the genius design of the Weego Twin Carrier it supports the babies’ backs and on the sides which prevents the spine from tipping sideways (other carriers do not do that). The spine of the baby can be rounded slightly at the back, but sideways it should be really straight, otherwise babies with a tendency to scoliosis might get it, or if they already have it, could make it much worse.

Speaking of safety: the two pouch system guarantees the proper M-Position of the seat to be slightly lower than the knees. Some people might just look at the bit of the inner pouch between the legs, and thing that can’t be enough to provide the correct position, but when the baby is small that area between the legs is wide enough and in connection with the shape of the inner pouch it provides the ideal safest M-Position.


  1. Your twins should be up high enough on your chest to kiss the tops of their head.
  2. Attaching the clips first will make zipping it up much easier.
  3. If it ever feels like they are leaning, or you need to hold them in order to support them, you may need to adjust the twins. In order to do that you cinch the collar to support their heads and then utilize the security buttons. (The security buttons must be engaged for tiny babies, and released when they are bigger.)

*Of course the carrier will come with instructions, but please reach out to Weego support team if needed.*

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