Toddler Must Have – KITCHEN HELPER

Have you ever had a product that you’ve loved so much that you’ve often wondered how you ever lived without it? For our family that product is the kitchen helper. Having two little ones to take care of makes it really hard to get things done around the house, especially when it comes to preparing meals for the family. It always seems like the moment I begin cooking in the kitchen everyone flocks to my feet, and wants to be held, similar to when I take a bathroom break. 🤪

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The Kitchen Helper stool securely elevates your toddler(s) to countertop height, so they are able to safely help in the kitchen. Even if we aren’t making a meal together I typically set up a coloring station to keep them busy while I prepare it alone, clean the area, or do the dishes. It makes the world of difference that they are able to clearly see me, and everything I am doing. Plus, they are able to get in and out as they please!

The Kitchen Helper grows with your child, and will adjust to two different heights, 15″ or 18″, so you will be able to find the perfect height for your growing little ones. Not only is the Kitchen Helper adjustable, but it conveniently folds for easy storage when it is not being used, and assembly is just as easy! To assemble the Kitchen Helper you simply attach the wooden feet to your preassembled Helper! THAT’S IT!

The kitchen helper has created a safe, fun environment for my kids, and I am so excited they finally get to help out in the kitchen, and enjoy every moment of family togetherness!

Thank you so much for reading my blog post on one of our most used toddler products! If you have been wanting to buy a Kitchen Helper now is your chance, because I have a $20 off coupon code for all of you!!!!

KITCHEN HELPER: Use Code: $20for you for $20 off of your order!!!!


Below is the recipe we are making in the pictures shown above! 😘


Cheesecake Recipe:

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