Favorite Toys For 18 Month Olds

  1.  This toy has been amazing for restaurants, and long car rides. I really didn’t think they would be that interested in it, but they love it! Plus, its quiet 🙌🏻 I would recommend any toys by Fat Brain based on our experience with this one!!

 All of the sudden Harlow and Myles became really interested in buckles! They love to buckle themselves into their carseats/strollers, and buckle on their bike helmets. I rely on Amazon for a lot, and I knew it wouldn’t let me down 😅 They are in love with this toy! Also, a quiet toy that is awesome for longer car rides!

3.  They are obsessed with our mini pig, Daisie, so I knew they would love Peppa. These pages are the perfect introduction into coloring, and crafts because they are mess free 👍🏻 I love watching them learn what happens when they put the marker on the paper!

4 Magnetic drawing boards have been amazing in the car, and anywhere we are going to be sitting for extended periods of time! Plus this one comes with a large, and mini size!

5. They are obsessed with puzzles of any kind. We have several other Melissa & Doug toys that we have had for 6 months that they still play with everyday! (Caterpillar Gear, Construction Trucks, Farm Set,  Stacking Toy)

6 This puzzle by Melissa & Doug is so unique, and I LOVE how it challenges, and works on their fine motor skills!!

→ We are going to build a “Busy Board” soon , so stay tuned, with a bunch of different latches, and switches!! I am so excited to see how it turns out! 🤗

Current Favorite Books (All of the books from any of these series) We have had a lot of fun collecting them!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog post! I would love to know, in the comments, if your little ones have used any of these toys, and what they think of them! I hope this post will give you a few ideas if you’re looking for new, age appropriate toys, or gift ideas!! ❤️

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