Toyroom Organization

We finally found an organization technique that works for our playroom space, and I am so excited to share it with you guys!!
Previously we had several toys piled into a basket on the floor, so that Harlow & Myles were able to reach, and grab whatever toy they wanted, but it wasn’t very organized. The toys were overwhelming, in one big stack, and they weren’t able to see all of the toys they had, and started to get bored quickly with whatever was on top.

Then we started rotating toys. I left 10 toys out at a time to play with, and would put the remaining toys in the large metal tub, and switch them around every month, or whenever I noticed they were starting to get bored with the toys they had out!

As they are getting older I wanted to design a more organized play environment. One that would make cleaning, and decision making easier! I started by picking out the open shelves for the space. I was looking for shelving that wasn’t too tall, so that they would be able to reach the toys on their own. The baskets we chose have an open handle for an easy grip. I organized each basket (8 total) into different categories of play. Each basket has its own category. I chose the category based on their current interests, and toys that we already had multiple of.

We have a basket for the following categories:

  1. Building Blocks
  2. Music
  3. Tractors
  4. Other Moving Vehicles
  5. Pretend Play ( Dress up costumes)
  6. Baby Dolls
  7. Pretend Play (Construction)
  8. Crafts (They can do unsupervised – Color Wonder, Flash cards, and Water Wow)

As their interests change, so will the categories! It keeps us from purchasing an abundance of toys because these baskets help us to stay within those categories, when purchasing new toys, rather than a bunch of random things!!

This is the east wall of the playroom and the kitchen set was another main reason why we decided to change the layout of the space!

Since we are no longer rotating toys we use the metal tub ⬇️ for unopened toys we are saving for a rainy day(Christmas toys that we slowly open so its not so overwhelming) , or things they will grow into!


Thank you so much for reading! I hope this helps give you ideas, and inspiration for a more functional playing space, and organizing your child’s toys!

Click here to visit a previous blog post with specific links to the playroom decor! 



Table & Chairs

Kitchen Set

Velcro Fruits & Veggies

Condiment Set

Mop/Broom Set

Grocery Set



Indoor Slide 

Here are some of their other current favorite toys:

Dress up Costumes: Doctor, construction, princess, chef 

Bristle Blocks

Baby Dolls

Building Blocks

Construction Vehicles



We love Sandra Boynton books, Little Blue Truck Series, Llama Llama Series, and so many others ❤️



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